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Rydale PX Cam
October 9, 2018
November 6, 2018
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Rydale PX Sim Cam 4G

£380.00 £312.00

Rydale PX Sim Cam 4G


Rydale PX 4G Waterproof Camera Stables, Reversing / Backup for Horse Trailer, Horsebox, Caravan, Please note: the Rydale PX Cam is also suitable for many purposes i.e, Caravans, Lorries, Agriculture Vehicles, Boats etc…

WiFi Connectivity/4G – View camera on mobile device or table (android & ios) Wide Angle Lens 120o
Basic Wiring, easy to INSTALL within minutes
App allows you record videos & take pictures
Infra-Red Lights – 15m of Night Vision Completely
Waterproof Camera – IP68 Rating

This Rydale PX camera connects via WiFi/4G to your mobile device allowing you to see the camera view on your device’s screen. The system works with both Android and Apple devices with a free app. With this camera system, not only will you be able to view the camera on your mobile device but you’ll be able to record still images straight to your device as well! Multiple users can view the camera on the app at the same time. The strong WiFi signal provides an uninterrupted connection for distances up to 20-30m. The camera can also be used as a reversing camera & is waterproof (IP68). The Rydale PX comes included with a full year warranty. You don’t need a existing WiFi or internet connection for this to work. The transmitter creates a WiFi network that will work anywhere. There are 2 wiring options for power for the camera, 1, wire into mains 12/24v wiring inside your horsebox/trailer. 2, connect via our custom built 12v wires (optional purchase £20) & connect to a 12v battery.

Perfect for stables,trailers & horseboxes, whilst their horse is on board on your vehicle on their phone. Makes your company stand out from your competitors.

Keep on eye on your horse from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world!!!

Simply requires a data sim inside the camera, download a free app on your smart phone or tablet & start viewing the footage.

Camera has night vision which allows your still to get a clear footage in the dark, camera has a recording feature which allows data to be stored internally on a micro SD card or externally to your smartphone or tablet. Camera is also waterproof.

The camera can also be used on trailers, horseboxes, yards or stables that have no electricity via a 12v leisure. Simply purchase the 12v battery wires if you intend to use the battery option. PM if us you have more questions!!

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