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Rydale 360 PTZ Sim Cam 4G & Rydale PX
April 12, 2019
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Rydale Speaker / Mic

£55.00 £45.00

Rydale Speaker / Mic


Rydale Speaker / Mic allows you 2 way communication between you and the camera. Perfect to listen into the camera or to shout back to the camera. The device is waterproof, requires its own independent power supply 12v or mains & operated within the app on live viewing.

Please note some of the older Rydale 360 PTZ Sim Cam models do not have the correct connection to add this device, please see the pictures above to double check which wires you have.
Although the Rydale PTZ Sim Cam already has a internal mic, please note you can simply not connect the mic wire & only connect the speaker wire.

PM us if you are unsure.

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